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We are a small Sub-Sect of mainstream Nagualism,which itself was largely popularised by the writings of The Nagual Dr Carlos Castaneda.

Our specialisation is in casting off the Human Mould and delinearising our Humanity and the dictated appropriateness contained therein but without losing our sense of Spirit and Balance.

Our techniques are extreme and Transcendental Nagualism is not for the fainthearted. Self Importance and Vanity are the first fortresses of self to be conquered by our 'Way'.

Practitioners of Transcendental Nagualism seek to evolve to become adept Warrior/Sorcerers and this may take a lifetime.

Keywords at the Institute are:

1: Freedom

2: Awareness

3: Humility

4: Intent

Institute of Transcendental Nagualism

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Transcendental Nagualism

The Nagual Von Berghaus

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