Visitors to the Institute; in Lugham, GB; regularly comment on the air of calm and silence that pervades both the practitioners themselves and the Institute's buildings and grounds.

Silence for a practitioner is of the utmost importance. Though not a Monastic Order in any way,we may resemble one. One aspect of Dr Castaneda's work that we hold dear to our hearts,is the importance of a sense of humour. Humour is, indeed, an effective cure-all.

The Men and Women at the Institute spend their days executing a variety of esoteric exercises that have a common aim...Mastery of Consciousness. The practices here at the Institute vary from advanced Sidhi Meditation to Remote Viewing. All our practices promote physical  and mental well-being and none of the Institute's members engage in any activity likely to inhibit this state.

Our nightime practices revolve mainly around Dreaming Consciousness and Astral Travel Development,thus practitioners can be said to have a 24 hour day. The Human form can rest its body during sleep,yet still retain Conscious Awareness,without any detrimental side effects.

The Institute holds in particular high regard the work of Robert Monroe who founded the Monroe Institute and Dr Courtney Brown. We have long held that in order for our societies and cultures to continue to evolve,we,as a planetary population,must learn to control our consciousness at will and not through the inevitability of the trials of terrestrial life. A Free Man or Woman wants for nothing. Want itself is the result of believing there to be advantage in acquisition. Human Beings were born with the very fabric of Time and Space within them..buried deep amidst our layered consciousness. All that Men and Women really need is to let go of the belief that they 'lack' this or that..just 'see' that your own awareness is an aspect of Sorcery itself…

Over the years,certain members of the Institute have engaged in conscious communication with many forms of Entities and Non-Physical Lifeforms/Inorganic Beings. The Universe around us is a diverse melting pot of awarenesses and communication seems to be one of the underlying traits of consciousness. Thus,we have endeavoured to promote a balanced and discreet approach to our work involving other lifeforms. It is only at the request of certain Entities,that we have grown familiar with over several years,that we felt now to be the time to discuss these specialised activities.

Earth is going through some fascinating changes right now and this is indeed a very exciting time. of vision and optimism for the Human Race.

Institute Objectives

Human beings have a profound talent for ignoring themselves. Change now...listen to your true seat of Consciousness.

Awareness is constant and multi-layered. Learn to choose your conscious focus at will. Become a Warrior/Sorcerer...

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