Here are four simple behavioural techniques to employ when venturing out into,say,the Shopping Mall,or maybe when using Public Transport. We do not recommend that you adopt these techniques for use in your place of work for the time being.

1: The Funny Walk.

    This seemingly humourous style of adopted behaviour is effective for viewing the fact that most people take their surroundings for granted and actually truly perceive very little of the overall ambient activity around them at any one time.

     When next in the Street,or perhaps when shopping,walk with a limp or aggrevated Hip-Lock action. Very soon,people will be opening doors for you,looking away in 'guilt' and if you're very convincing,even trying to ignore you..this last reaction has to be the Hallmark of a true Master,I have to say…

2: The Clandestine Guise.

    This is my personal favourite. Recently I purchased a Hearing Aid for wearing when in Public. This little beauty has helped me create some delicious 'scenes' in my local Bank. The sight of a practitioner engaged in a very loud conversation in a near silent Bank is a sight to behold..! Though I could hear the Bank Clerk perfectly,I continued to say "Eh..?" and though I never claimed to be hard of hearing,he assumed I was and adjusted his voice's volume accordingly. Great Fun..!

3: Dreaming Practices.

    Most people claim never to Dream or engage in Astral Travel. In fact,everyone does but most simply can't remember that they do.

    To stimulate Dreaming Consciousness try simply lying on the other side of the bed or even sleep upside down at night,facing the opposite way,with your head at the foot of the bed. You'll soon start to realise that there is immense activity going on when you thought you were simply sleeping.

4: Expand your Reading List.

    Quite simply,read as much as possible on expanded Human Consciousness and its various traditions around the world. Immerse yourself in this to create the Intent to expand your Conscious potential.

Behavioural Techniques

Use these simple techniques to become aware of the limitless freedom that expanded perception allows.

Shake off old and crusty behaviour,habits and mannerisms. Become a Master of to perceive all the available levels of perception open to Human Beings.

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