Von Berghaus On-Line

It is possible to meet with Von Berghaus On-Line when he is in the Dogfight HyperLobby of Jane's WWII Fighters Web-Forum. You do not need to have 'Janes WWII Fighters' installed in order to do this.

Von Berghaus uses Air Combat Simulations to hone and enhance his perceptual abilities. Such Arenas are impeccable Forums for the Institute's Warrior/Sorcerers to manifest their skills.

Should you wish to meet Von Berghaus On-Line then just CLICK on the link below to visit the DOGFIGHT HYPERLOBBY at:

                              CLICK HERE

Once connected you have only to register a name with the Lobby server which takes just a couple of minutes.

Von Berghaus may be found there most Friday and Saturday Evenings,(GMT),Flying against the best Virtual Pilots in the World. It is recommended that you purchase a high quality Joystick,( Saitek Cyborg 3D USB highly recommended),in order to Fly in Cyberspace with the Air Warriors that populate WWII Fighters.

Meet The Nagual Von Berghaus On-Line...


The Nagual Von Berghaus

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