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This Month's events are presently in practice. Stalking Teams of three,dispatched on a daily basis from the Institute,in unmarked personnel carriers,are descending upon Shopping Malls to sell Shoelaces and Bubble-Gum as an exercise in the diminution of self importance. This is a very effective exercise and was,we believe,popularised by the Toltec Author/Practitioner,Victor Sanchez,who's work we highly recommend.

Next Month is planned as a month of Sidhi Meditation for the Practitioners,here at the Institute. A period of two weeks has been set aside for a series of Mass Meditations. Presently,there's an enormous air of expectation concerning this event. Keep checking this Website for updates on the progress of these sessions.

The Near Future will see the creation of two new schemes here at the Institute.

       1:  The creation of 'The Nagual Trinity'.

             This is a Co-operative Triumverate, consisting of the

             efforts of: The Nagual Darakan

                               The Nagual Queztal Ocelotl

                               The Nagual Von Berghaus

             Revisit the Institute's Website regularly for further

             developments on 'The Nagual Trinity'.

        2:  This month also sees a global Dreaming Awake

             exercise. It is intended only for Advanced Practitioners

             of Transcendental Nagualism.

             More details soon. Please feel free to contact us at any

             time should you require information.

The Nagual Von Berghaus

             To contact us:

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